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Some years ago, we created one of the most successful television promotions ever developed for radio. The idea was to simultaneously promote the humor and personal appeal of WBZ’s Dave Maynard, while at the same time, hammering a message relative to key information benefits. The Piece a’cake! campaign, featuring plenty of stunts and humor, was an immediate hit, with each successive spot becoming a “sequel” to the last Dave Maynard “ad”-venture.

Extending through eight years and some 19 different commercial scenarios, the campaign won numerous national advertising honors, brought market-dominating ratings to WBZ’s morning show, and generated a huge amount of free publicity from local newspapers and television outlets doing regular stories on Dave’s latest promotional escapade. Soon the promotion took on a life of its own, with guest stars and celebrities clamoring for cameos in the Maynard spots.

The incredible run ended with Dave’s retirement from the morning shift in the late 80’s, but the “recall” on this campaign is phenomenal and most Boston-area listeners and/or viewers can still describe their “favorite” Maynard spot.

WBZ, Boston

Note: As the campaign was adapted for other stations, certain time-proven “bits” were repeated, and some entirely new scenarios were created to take advantage of unique local personalities and promotional opportunities.

KDKA, Pittsburgh
KFMB, San Diego
WFMF, Baton Rouge
WIBC, Indianapolis
KHOW, Denver
KEX, Portland